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Authenticity, reliability, and security are incredibly important in the CS skin gambling scene. There are lots of nefarious actors using shady techniques in an attempt to extract as much from users as possible. It is also important to note that casinos may not be the only ones that are shady. Sometimes, it can be their funnels, most notably, affiliate sites that refer players and influence them to play on a site.

Despite being an affiliate site, we care about the quality of the sites we are referring to players. We have a new partner affiliate site that can help assure this to players. CSGOHowl, like CSGOFly, is an affiliate site that offers alternative reviews of the quality of online gaming sites, especially related to CSGO gambling. Legitimacy, multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as a plethora of different game modes, are all very important aspects to consider when choosing a CS:GO and CS2 gambling sites. CSGOHowl also takes all these aspects into consideration when ranking gaming sites.

E-sports like Counter-Strike and League of Legends are getting more and more popular. The increase in popularity of such games has also led to an increase in demand for e-sports betting sites. CSGOHowl supports CS2 betting sites where you can deposit your Counter-Strike skins to bet on the outcome of e-sports tournaments such as Counter-Strike Majors as well as League of Legends Worlds. Some popular CS2 betting sites also support other e-sports, such as Valorant and Dota 2.

Having a large number of different game modes is essential for any CSGO gambling site. Our partner also lists and reviews separate case opening sites, so you can choose between the best of both worlds. Case-opening sites are great because they offer you a guaranteed return in the form of a CS skin. Although caution is advised when choosing a case-opening site because some of them hide their odds. This means you don’t know how likely it is for you to receive a certain skin out of one of their cases. Be sure to avoid websites that hide their odds, and definitely beware of websites that do not have a provably fair system, as the outcome of their games can be manipulated.

It is also important not to simply trust one affiliate site for reviews, since the practices of any gambling sites on our list can change unexpectedly. Since all affiliate sites are earning money through referrals or paid via sponsorships, we advise you to check further reviews before making a decision to play on a site. Some affiliate sites may be inadvertently advertising a nefarious gambling site without knowing their true practices. Others might still promote a malicious site when offered payment. We regularly validate our listings to ensure that the websites we promote are continuously adhering to ethical practices. That is why despite seeing our own reviews, you should also consider other trusted affiliate sites like for alternative feedback. Maybe they might point out something we have missed. All in all, it is important to check multiple sources to ensure trustworthiness of gambling sites, as the house always wins (and sometimes even scams).

Links on CSGOHowl are affiliate links that support the creator of the site. Gambling or betting is only allowed if you are 18 or older and is forbidden in certain legislatures. Gamble responsibly.

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