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This review provides an honest and detailed look at TradeIt.GG, focusing on its key features and assessing its legitimacy. We delve into the platform’s functionality, user experience, and security measures to determine if TradeIt.GG is a trustworthy service for trading activities.

  • Offers an instant cash out service
  • Generous sign-up bonus
  • Charges a 5% base fee for CS2 trades
  • Supports a variety of different game items
  • Has slow customer support
  • Charges a large fee for the instant cash out service
  • All skins on TradeIt’s trading page, including those in your inventory, are confusingly priced above the Steam market value

What is TradeIt GG?

TradeIt is a well-known trading bot platform that caters to a variety of popular games, including CS2 (CSGO), Rust, Team Fortress 2, and various Steam items. This platform has successfully facilitated over 45 million trades, demonstrating its substantial presence in the gaming community.

One of the key features of TradeIt is its vast inventory, which is valued at over five million dollars across all their bots. This impressive collection is not limited to CS2 skins but also includes items from games like Rust and Team Fortress 2, as well as a variety of Steam items. Such diversity in its inventory allows TradeIt to serve a wide range of gamers with different interests.

TradeIt also offers an investing program, where users can invest their balance into the platform. This program promises a high yearly return, attracting users who are looking to invest in the gaming economy. However, given the nature of high-return investments, users are advised to proceed with caution.

Overall, TradeIt stands out as a versatile and comprehensive platform for gamers interested in trading skins and items across various popular games, providing both trading and investment opportunities.

Trade It

Is Hell Store Legit?

TradeIt.gg is generally considered to be a trustworthy platform. Here are some key points supporting its legitimacy:

  • Operational History: TradeIt.gg has been active since 2017, showcasing a stable presence in the online trading community.
  • Volume of Trades: The platform has impressively handled over 45 million trades, indicating a high level of user engagement and trust.
  • Web Traffic: Monthly, TradeIt.gg attracts around 1.5 million visitors. According to SimilarWeb data, suggesting it’s a popular destination for gamers and traders.
  • Inventory Value: The total value of skins across all their bot inventories is estimated to be around $5 million, reflecting the platform’s substantial scale.
  • Balance System for Trades: In cases of uneven trades, users receive a balance on the site, ensuring fairness and flexibility in trading.
  • Website Security: TradeIt.gg employs SSL encryption for its website, as evidenced by the padlock icon in the address bar. This SSL encryption ensures that user data and transactions are secure.

These factors combined present TradeIt.gg as a reliable and established platform in the realm of online game trading.

How to Claim TradeIt GG’s Trading Bonus?

To take advantage of TradeIt GG’s trading bonus, you can follow these personalized steps:

  1. Access the Website: Visit the TradeIt GG website by using a specific link provided to you.
  2. Log In: Once on the site, sign into your TradeIt GG account.
  3. Navigate to Your Profile: Locate and click on your Profile, which is typically in the top right corner of the webpage.
  4. Redeem the Code: In your profile menu, find and select the option labeled “Redeem Code.”
  5. Enter the Promotional Code: Type in the special code “CSGOFLY” in the provided field.
  6. Complete a Trade: Make your first trade on TradeIt following this, you will be eligible to receive a bonus of 5% back in credits, with a maximum limit of $5.

Remember, this bonus is applicable on your first trade on TradeIt. Allowing you to get a little extra from your initial trading experience.